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Current Total Morphs: 38

MorphGolden Retriever Male [Homer]
AcquiredAnimorphs #01: The Invasion
Jake's first morph was his pet dog, Homer. A morph primarily used for tracking (and occasionally sneaking into concerts), the golden retriever has below-average eyesight, somewhat above-average hearing, and an excellent sense of smell. Jake describes a Homer's sense of smell as 'making me feel like cotton balls are shoved up my nose' as a human. At times the dog mind can be hard to control, but it’s never dangerous. The dog part of the morph would only have Jake play around. Predictably, Jake likes this morph, both because of its usefulness and because the dog's sheer happiness is a joy to lose himself in for awhile.

MorphGreen Anole Lizard
AcquiredAnimorphs #01: The Invasion
The anole is a member of the iguana family, according to what Jake noticed in doing research about it. It's a prey animal, and like most prey animals, it is skittish and frightened of predators. Its vision is disorienting for a human, and took some getting used to. It can move when it needs to, and like most lizards, the anole can detach its tail to escape danger. Jake only used this morph once, to spy on the Human-Controller Chapman. He lost control of the morph and ate a spider. Consequently, whenever he remembers this morph he feels nauseous about the incident.

MorphSiberian Tiger Male
AcquiredAnimorphs #01: The Invasion
Jake's battle morph and the morph for which he is best known for among the Yeerks, the tiger exhibits a well-balanced combination of speed, reflexes, and strength that serves Jake well. The tiger mind is fearless and confident, well suited to fighting alien warriors. Just the roar of the tiger is enough to unnerve most combatants. Armed with razor-sharp claws, paws the size of frying pains and wicked teeth, most opponents stand no chance against this morph. The tiger's sense of hearing, sight, and smell are all far above average and like other cats, the tiger can see in the dark. Jake's morphed the tiger dozens of times and has no difficulty controlling its instincts.

MorphPeregrine Falcon
AcquiredAnimorphs #02: The Visitor
The peregrine falcon is Jake's preferred avian morph. Renowned for its speed, the peregrine is in fact the fastest extant member of the animal kingdom. Though it cannot soar quite as well as a red-tailed hawk or bald eagle, the peregrine falcon can dive up to two hundred miles per hour. The peregrine's eyes are like having built-in binoculars, allowing Jake to spy from a thousand feet in the air. The morph's hearing is also superb, though not quite as advanced as its eyesight. Armed with its beak and talons, the peregrine is a vicious combatant when it needs to be.

AcquiredAnimorphs #02: The Visitor
Height: 0.009"
Weight: 0.000198 lb
The perfect morph for infiltration and spying on people. Jake was the first Animorph to acquire a flea, and he has used it several times since. Fleas are agile and very hard to catch, so Jake is prone to morphing it or his cockroach as his insect morph of choice, as opposed to the housefly.

MorphWolf Male
Acquired: Animorphs #03: The Encounter
On a mission to the mountains, Jake was one of the core four Animorphs to acquire and morph a wolf. After winning a (possibly rigged) coin toss, Jake won the right to morph the male wolf, while the other three morphed female wolves. The wolf is best described as an enhanced version of his dog morph, with superior senses and stamina. Jake only uses the wolf morph in enviroments where it would be inconspicuous, since he has more powerful battle morphs available.

Acquired: Animorphs #03: The Encounter
Jake's first aquatic morph, the trout is a small, freshwater fish more suited to lakes and rivers than the open ocean. Consequently, Jake has only morphed the trout twice. He's described morphing the trout as an eerie and vaguely unpleasant experience.

MorphDolphin [Ross]
Acquired: Animorphs #04: The Message
Length: 7'2"
Weight: 420 lbs
Jake's main aquatic morph, he acquired a dolphin along with the rest of the core four Animorphs early in the war. The dolphin's agility, stamina and sense of echolocation make it a valuable morph, one Jake has used to fight sharks, Taxxons, and even a killer whale. Like the dog morph, the dolphin's instincts are playful and surprisingly easy to lose oneself in.

Acquired: Animorphs #04: The Message
Length: 1'5"
Wingspan: 3'9"
Weight: 2 lbs
A common type of bird, the seagull was a no-brainer morph for a mission involving the ocean, and Jake, like his fellow Animorphs, has used the seagull morph on more than one occasion since. A decent, agile flier with average vision, the seagull is nowhere close to the peregrine falcon in usefulness, and as a scavenger it is not particularly fierce either. It's much less noticeable, though, and as such it's a morph Jake and the Animorphs use on a semi-regular basis.

Morph: Lobster
Acquired: Animorphs #05: The Predator
Jake was dragooned into morphing a lobster during one of Marco's escapades and nearly ended up getting boiled alive as someone's dinner. It was a memorable experience. It was also a terrifying one. Jake has never morphed the lobster since, and it is unlikely he ever will.

Morph: Ant
Acquired: Animorphs #05: The Predator
Jake has morphed an ant once and only once. The experience was enough to last a lifetime. The soldier ant's simple, mindless instinct to protect and serve the ant colony completely immersed Jake's mind, and he came very close to losing himself completely to the ant mind. Almost getting torn apart by an invading ant colony only made the experience more terrifying. Needless to say, Jake would sooner go twelve rounds with Visser Three before he would ever morph the ant again.

Morph: American Cockroach
Acquired: Animorphs #06: The Capture
Length: 0.132"
Weight: 0.049 lb
Jake was the first Animorph to morph a cockroach. He's since found the morph invaluable for infiltration and survival, and generally prefers it over the fly morph. Its eyesight is poor and its instincts are oppressive, but it can hear human speech and even fly for a short time.

Acquired: Animorphs #06: The Capture
With some reluctance, Jake and the other Animorphs morphed houseflies in order to infiltrate a Yeerk-run hospital. Despite the utter grossness of the morph, Jake and the others found the fly to be surprisingly useful and even fun. However, Jake soured on the fly morph when he was swatted on a plane in a later mission, almost dying as a fly. Despite the morph's undeniable usefulness, he generally prefers to morph the cockroach or flea when an insect is needed. Though neither have the fly's excellent mobility, they are each harder to kill.

Morph: Great Horned Owl
Acquired: Animorphs #07: The Stranger
Profile pending.

Acquired: Animorphs #09: The Secret
Jake acquired a termite to infiltrate a Yeerk logging front but never actually had to use it. By chance he ended up being a decoy and thus was the only Animorph spared the experience of morphing the termite. Fortunately, his friends had graphic descriptions of what a horrible experience it was. Graphic enough that Jake would seriously consider crawling barefoot over broken glass before he'd ever morph that termite.

Morph: Skunk Female
Acquired: Animorphs #09: The Secret
Like the other Animorphs, Jake found himself guilt-tripped into morphing an injured skunk to help Cassie care for the real skunk's kits. Cassie put the morph to surprisingly effective use against Visser Three, but Jake himself has never used it in combat, and the odds he would are unlikely.

Acquired: Animorphs #10: The Android

In order to retrieve a Pemalite Crystal, Jake and the other Animorphs acquired and morphed bats. The bat's echolocation and surprisingly agile reflexes made it an invaluable tool in the attempt. Like the other Animorphs, Jake ended up using the bat morph again later during an attempt to infiltrate the Yeerk pool by morphing moles and digging their way in.

Morph: Horse
Acquired: Animorphs #14: The Unknown
Jake, along with the other Animorphs, acquired a racehorse as part of a plan to join a herd of Horse-Controllers infiltrating Zone 91. And yes, the mission was just as ridiculous as it sounds. Despite the horse's nearsighted vision and skittish instincts, Jake was able to put the herbivore's stamina to good use. He only used the horse morph for the Zone 91 mission.

Morph: Parrot
Acquired: Animorphs #15: The Escape
Another one of those stunt morphs, Jake acquired a white parrot to help Cassie play a prank on Amazon Cafe, a restaurant 'exploiting' parrots for advertisement. Like the seagull, the parrot is an average bird morph, unique in only two regards: it is somewhat intelligent and it can talk. Neither of these are practical uses, though, and Jake hasn't used the parrot morph since that prank.

Morph: Hammerhead Shark
Acquired: Animorphs #15: The Escape
Length: 11'5"
Weight: 500 lbs
When Visser One returned to Earth, she established an undersea facility to mutate hammerhead sharks into an infestable species, intending to send a battalion of Shark-Controllers to the planet Leera. To infiltrate the facility, Jake and the other Animorphs morphed hammerhead sharks themselves. The shark morph was every bit as brutal as its reputation promised, with a frenzied thirst for blood and the instincts of a ruthless predator. Both larger and tougher than the bottlenose dolphin, the hammerhead shark has seen action on a few missions since that first one. It's a tough, fierce morph that Jake can always call upon in an underwater combat situation.

Acquired: Animorphs #16: The Warning
Height: 5'4"
Length: 12'8"
Weight: 2.0 tons
Jake thinks of the rhinoceros as his 'Rachel morph'. Acquired in order to break into the fortified mansion of billionaire Joe Bob Fenestre, Jake found the rhino to be exactly what he expected: poor eyesight, calm herbivore instincts and incredible power. The rhino was able to tank gunshots and charge through walls, though it was perhaps not so good at climbing stairs. While the rhino is, strictly speaking, Jake's most powerful morph, he still prefers the liquid grace of his tiger, and reserves the rhino for missions that require brute force above all else.

AcquiredAnimorphs #17: The Underground
In an attempt to dig into the underground Yeerk pool, Jake and the other Animorphs acquired and morphed moles. The mole is almost totally blind and its ability to hear and smell are stunted as well. It is really only good for one thing - digging - and that's what Jake and the others used it for. After discovering how the pool was infiltrated, the Yeerks started using hunter-killer patrol drones, making it impossible to infiltrate the pool as a mole again.

AcquiredAnimorphs #18: The Decision
When the second-ranking man in the Secret Service, Hewlett Aldershot III, was injured and captured by the Yeerks, Jake and the Animorphs came up with a clever plan - morph mosquitoes and suck the unconscious Aldershot's blood, using that blood to acquire him and use his morph to warn the Secret Service about the Yeerks. Even by the standards of insects, the mosquito morph was bizarre, and the already convulted mission turned byzantine when a freak accident in Z-Space forced the Animorphs into a conflict on the planet Leera. The original mission ended up scuttled, and Jake's had no reason to morph the mosquito since then.

AcquiredAnimorphs #18: The Decision
Marooned on the aquatic planet Leera, Jake and the other Animorphs acquired members of Leera's extant sentient race - the Leerans. Leerans are amphibians, sluggish and ungainly out of the water. Even in the water Leerans are not terribly fast, being far outpaced in speed and endurance by Earth's dolphins and sharks. However, they are equipped with dexterous tentacles, can regenerate from injuries, and are psychic. They can sense the thoughts of any other sentient species and communicate through telepathy. They can shut their thoughts off from one another as well, much to the relief of the Animorphs. Jake has only morphed the Leeran once, and would be very hesitant about doing it again, as it goes against the Animorph rule of never morphing sentient species. However, the Leeran's psychic powers are unique among his morphs, and if he found himself in a position where he needed them, he would call upon the Leeran again.

AcquiredAnimorphs #21: The Threat
During a mission to save the Earth's leaders from infestation, Jake acquired a dragonfly in order to infiltrate the target compound. The dragonfly was chosen because its large size allows it to carry multiple fleas upon its back. Jake has only employed this morph once, as outside of that unique use it is conspicuous and he has more useful insect morphs available.

Morph: Human Male [Unidentified]
AcquiredAnimorphs #21: The Threat
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs
Jake, along with David and Ax, acquired his first human morph during the mission to save the world's leaders from infestation. This human was an unidentified male Human-Controller, described as looking something like what Jake himself would look like if he were twenty years older or so. Jake found the morph surprisingly easy to handle, though that made the experience no less disturbing. He was only in this morph for ten minutes, tops, and he has never used it since.

AcquiredAnimorphs #24: The Suspicion
Jake acquired an anteater in order to deal with a microscopic race of belligerent aliens called Helmacrons. He found the anteater to be an easy morph to handle, a calm insectivore that uses its long tongue to ensnare bugs. Outside of dealing with tiny enemies, the anteater has no practical use, and Jake has only ever had to use it once.

MorphRinged Seal Pup
AcquiredAnimorphs #25: The Extreme
When the Animorphs traveled to the Arctic Circle for a mission, they found themselves very unequipped for the region's inhospitable, frigid enviroment. On the verge of freezing to death, the team acquired and morphed a pair of ringed seal pups orphaned by a polar bear. The seal morph was ungainly and vulnerable but provided what Jake and his team needed - protection from the cold. After acquiring a polar bear, there was no more need to use the seal morph.

Morph: Polar Bear [Nanook]
AcquiredAnimorphs #25: The Extreme
Height: 5.45 ft
Length: 9 ft
Weight: 1,000 lbs
With the help of an Inuit boy named Derek, the Animorphs were able to acquire and morph a polar bear dubbed 'Nanook'. The polar bear was the perfect morph for the harsh Arctic climate - the apex predator of its territory and a powerful battle morph in its own right. With the polar bear morph Jake and the other Animorphs were finally able to combat their Venber pursuers. Jake himself only used the polar bear morph in the Arctic mission, but the rest of the team would go on to use the morph in a (disastrous) mission executed while Jake was on away visiting relatives.

Morph: Howler
Acquired: Animorphs #26: The Attack
Profile pending.

MorphGiant Squid
AcquiredAnimorphs #27: The Exposed
Length: 60 ft
Weight: 610 lbs
In a desperate race against time to reach the Pemalite ship before the Chee were forced to self-destruct, Jake and the other Animorphs sought out giant squid morphs - the giant squid was the only known animal capable of reaching the unfathomable depths the Pemalite ship lay submerged at. Unfortunately, unlike most of their morphs, the giant squid did not exist in captivity, forcing the team to devise a scheme to force one to the ocean surface. Their convulted plan was successful, and the giant squid morphs allowed Jake and the others to reach the Pemalite ship in time. However, the squid morph was creepy to all the Animorphs, and not used again.

AcquiredAnimorphs #28: The Experiment
Height: 4 ft
Weight: 200 lbs
Jake and the other Animorphs acquired chimpanzees in an attempt to break into a a animal testing facility under Yeerk control. Despite the ensuing fiasco created by the real chimpanzees, the mission was a sucess. The chimpanzee morph turned out to be uncomfortably sapient, and neither Jake nor the other Animorphs were comfortable with using the chimp morph again.

AcquiredAnimorphs #29: The Sickness
Length: 0.4 ft
Weight: 0.6 lbs
Looking for new ways to infiltrate the Yeerk Pool, Marco and Tobias cooked up the idea of morphing eels and getting in through the plumbing. The idea might even have worked - the eel turned out to be a surprisingly tough, aggressive customer for its size. Unfortunately, Jake came down with the alien yamphut virus and was forced to abort the mission.

MorphHork-Bajir Male
AcquiredAnimorphs #34: The Prophecy
Height: 7 ft
Weight: 350 lbs
Jake was one of the last Animorphs to morp a Hork-Bajir, acquiring his Hork-Bajir morph along with Cassie and Marco in order to execute a mission on the Hork-Bajir homeworld. Like the Animorphs before him, Jake found the Hork-Bajir to be a powerful, lethal morph capable of holding its own against a wide variety of creatures. However, Jake already has a strong repertoire of battle morphs, and for that reason he hasn't used the Hork-Bajir morph since that mission.

AcquiredAnimorphs #35: The Proposal
Length: 1.3 ft
Weight: 1.5 lbs
When the Animorphs began investigating self-help guru and Human-Controller William Roger Tennant, Jake and the other Animorphs (sans Cassie and Tobias) acquired squirrel morphs to sneak into Tennant's mansion. Jake in particular went commando with his squirrel morph, carrying in a Swiss army knife to cut open a screen on Tennant's window. Once inside the team morphed Tennant's cockatiels, and to date Jake hasn't had another reason to use the squirrel morph.

Morph: Cockatiel
AcquiredAnimorphs #35: The Proposal
Length: 1 ft
Wingspan: 1.1 ft
Weight: 4 oz
After infiltrating William Roger Tennant's mansion, Jake and the other Animorphs (sans Tobias) acquired William Roger Tennant's cockatield to better spy on him. The cockatiel wasn't a very different morph from the parrot, and Jake was only in it for about fifteen minutes or so at most. Seeing Marco's cockatiel get nearly crushed to death by a psychotically-enraged Tennant went a long way towards warding Jake away from using the morph again.

Morph: Killer Whale [Swoosh]
Acquired: Animorphs #36: The Mutation
Length: 25 ft
Weight: 7.0 tons
When Visser Three fielded the experimental Yeerk space/sea craft called the Sea Blade, Jake and the other Animorphs countered by acquiring killer whale morphs to bring the Sea Blade down through blunt force. Thanks to David, the Animorphs knew just how deadly the orca could be, and the Gardens had recently acquired a killer whale (thanks to sportswear company Nike, hence the name 'Swoosh'). Unfortunately, the Sea Blade turned out to be very heavily armed, and the battle was among one of their worst. Perhaps because he was cut apart by Dracon beams like swiss cheese, Jake has stuck with his other aquatic morphs since that incident.

Morph: Beaver
AcquiredAnimorphs #47: The Resistance
Height: 1.25 ft
Length: 3 ft
Weight: 55 lbs
Late in the war, the Yeerks finally discovered the hidden colony of Hork-Bajir and began moving to destroy it. To counter this oncoming army, Jake and the other Animorphs acquired beaver morphs in order to make a dam and flush the Yeerk troops away. The mission was successful, but only barely and many lives were lost. As the beaver morph is an extremely specialized creature suited to building dams and little else, Jake only used the morph during that mission.

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